Barbara Cartland
Barbara Cartland

In her lifetime, Dame Barbara Cartland wrote an incredible 723 books, including 160 unpublished manuscripts which have been posthumously published as her Pink Collection. Despite the evolution of the romance genre, Dame Barbara’s glorious tales of spellbinding adventure, thrilling suspense and, of course, the triumph of love over every adversity have enjoyed a massive resurgence in popularity. We are delighted that her much-loved books continue to attract many fans around the world.

Working with Barbara Cartland’s son Ian McCorquodale, the M-Y Books team has for several years been republishing her works in two collections – The Pink Collection comprises 160 previously unpublished titles, while the Eternal Collection comprises a steadily growing number of previously published Cartland classics.

Working from the original paperbacks, we scan the hard copy to create a new Word document. We then proof-read the resulting text twice before creating timeless yet contemporary new covers inspired by Francis Marshall’s much-loved original classic illustrations. Finally, we manage the online marketing and metadata to make available this huge collection of books in retailers across the world – including both traditional download shops and subscription services. We are also working with narrator Anthony Wren on the production of an ongoing series of audio books – with 130 published so far and many more in the pipeline!

Sales are expanding once again across the world as more and more books become available in the digital space and will remain in print in perpetuity.

With literally hundreds of titles on sale on all major international online bookstores there are far too many links to include here but you can find all of the titles we have published as E-books so far on Amazon and Google Play Store – simply click below to buy!

It is gratifying to see so much international demand for editions in languages other than Barbara Cartland’s native English. Working with translators and editors all round the world, we now publish Barbara Cartland novels in the following languages – and we intend to add more in due course.:-

English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Turkish (new), Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Czech, Polish.