Why DIY when you can DIWMY (Do It With M-Y!)
You do the writing – and leave the rest to us. It’s as simple as that. Unlike most EBook publishing services, which are automated, we’re passionate about books. So, as well as formatting, conversion and global distribution, the M-Y service includes an appraisal of your work, editing and proof-reading to make sure your EBook’s as good as it possibly can be.
In fact about the only thing we don’t do is write it (actually we’ll do that too if you like – see Authors’ Editorial Services!).


Your eBook

Your Book converted to ePub and Mobi for Kindle, iPad, Kobo – we cover every device on the market. We can convert from every format, Word, InDesign, Open Office or just about any format you can think of. We can even handle PDF content extraction and conversion and OCR scanning and conversion from the printed page.

For more information about eBooks please download our free eBook FAQ.

Review Service

Reviews of your book make it stand out from the crowd – and there’s no more effective sales tool than word of mouth via blog or chat rooms.

So why not start the review ball rolling with a review from one of our professional readers, written and posted on all major retail sites!

Keywords-based online marketing

Once your book’s on sale, we work tirelessly to generate keywords closely associated with your title that will be triggered by searches pertinent to your subject matter and get you ranked as high as possible on every relevant web search.


eBook and Print-On-Demand Publishing for Authors...


Your Printed-On-Demand Book

EBooks are great. But there’s nothing like seeing your own work in high quality print!

The great thing about the latest printing and binding technology is that your ‘print run’ can start with as few as one – and your book can be on sale online in a matter of days! And we think you’ll be amazed by the quality of the finished product.

We offer a multitude of formats from hardback to trade paperback, large format, colour or black and white interiors, different paper types, illustrated.

Our ten 10 years’ experience producing printed books for the POD industry means you’re in the most experienced, capable and talented hands.

Online Print-On-Demand Distribution

The beauty of P-O-D is you and your readers get the best of both worlds: global distribution through all the channels we use for eBooks and the pleasure of the printed page! Your readers simply click on your book and it’s automatically printed and dispatched to anywhere in the world!

In Stock at Amazon Service

We all know how essential it is to have our books showing as ‘in stock’ on Amazon – and that’s some we guarantee as part of our publishing packages.