Simply give us the manuscript and we’ll give you back a finished, formatted EBook together with a comprehensive suite of marketing and global distribution services.


Our global distribution service ensures you reach millions of readers worldwide – with your books on the virtual shelves of the most comprehensive range of online retailers and libraries, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, WH Smith, Waterstones and literally hundreds more.

Marketing Services

A highly effective combination of keywords based online marketing, social network marketing and bespoke author pages with traditional PR and online review service. All designed to drive readers to your authors’ books.

Let’s talk Ebooks!

You’ll notice that there’s no ‘SIGN UP’ button on this site. That’s because we’re not automatic. We prefer to talk to people and find out more about their publishing needs before we start work on their projects!



Business to Business eBook Services for Publishers...

Every format...

PDF to ePub and Mobi for Kindle, iPad, Kobo, Nook, Android – in fact every device on the market.

The most sophisticated technology

By which we mean the human brain. Unlike most of our competitors, M-Y combines state-of-the-art conversion and formatting with a good old-fashioned passion for the written word. That way, we eliminate the glitches and typos thrown up by the scanning and conversion process.

Enhanced EBooks and interactive EBook Apps

Add music, video, interactive elements and more – just tell us what you have in mind and we’ll make it happen!

Audio Books

M-y books has a leading edge disitrbution service for all audio book content with already over 400 titles on download worldwide - if you have audio book content or are looking for a company to produce your audio books then please contact us.

Our audiobook catalogue is available here...

Or on all good audio book stores.