Authors’ Editorial Services
The trouble with automated book publishing systems is they’re blind to the content. So, beyond a perfunctory spellcheck, they’ll publish exactly what you give them, warts and all! Not us.
We think it’s important to make sure your work’s as good as it possibly can be – which is why we’ve put together a team of accomplished editors and published authors all ready to help you hone that manuscript to perfection.

Cover design

Readers DO judge a book by its cover! That’s why it’s vital that the design is a perfect fit within the marketplace for your book’s genre or subject. The same goes for your book’s graphic design. It must grab the attention of the readership you’re after whether on a shelf at a bookshop or on the webpage of a online book shop.

A professional, eye-catching and appropriate cover can make a huge difference to your book’s chances – and you might be pleasantly surprised by the price.

We provide bespoke photography, illustrations, and graphic design to the highest standards. We have handled these areas for some of the biggest authors in the world covering a wide variety of subjects from fiction to business including complex interior layouts involving illustrations and text.

eBook Conversion

M-Y Books can convert your book to all the popular eBook formats for publishing on all the major eBook retailers.

Unlike other eBook conversion companies all our eBooks are converted by real people who will ensure that the finished product is of the highest quality and be compatible with all eBook reading systems.

eBook and Print-On-Demand Services for Authors...


We’ll check and correct your MS for typos, spelling errors, grammar and punctuation issues and plot/character inconsistencies and so on. Of course, all changes are ‘tracked’ so you can accept or reject our suggestions! In the end, the decision is entirely yours.


Sometimes this means re-ordering chapters and rewriting passages; other times it’s simply a matter of tidying up grammar and ironing out inconsistencies in style. The ‘depth’ of editing is something we’ll discuss with you before we begin – and, of course, only if you agree that it’s needed!

Reader’s Assessment

As the name of the service suggests, one of the team looks through your manuscript and will send you a report with suggestions and an indication of the amount of proof-reading and editing we’d recommend.

Ghost Writing

Not everyone’s an author. Maybe you simply have a story to tell and you’d rather someone else put the words together – or simply took your rough outline version and turned it into a polished manuscript... No problem. Talk to us about the book you have in mind and we’ll make it reality.