Established in 2002, M-y books is an independent publisher that offers a high quality ‘boutique’ approach to self-publishing and book marketing and promotion . Recognising that in the modern publishing world many authors must take the self-publishing route (at least initially before finding their market and possibly later switching to a major), we offer a unique service covering all aspects of successful publishing - including marketing, promotion, distribution and sales of each title we produce in electronic and audio book formats as well as printed hardback/paperback books.

Positioning ourselves at the cutting edge of the book publishing industry, we embrace every means of communication new and old to provide our authors with the widest possible range of marketing and promotion services and ways in which people can discover their work. In addition to our ceaseless rolling programme dedicated to acquiring new outlets for our authors, M-y Books have supplier contracts with all the main printed book, audio book and eBook retailers (covering web-based retail, terminals in shops, mobile phone downloads and more conventional high street locations) as well as the burgeoning e-library channels worldwide



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